The Great Outdoors and Pot in Medford Oregon

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited most 2020 travel and vacation plans for out of the country but, if the great outdoors is your thing, Medford, Oregon is a great place to experience. Located in Southern Oregon with everything from top-notch local parks, world-renowned wine destinations, some of the best places to hike, fish, and go rafting, and within driving distance to local beaches, Medford is loaded with possibilities for an in-country vacation. Besides the great outdoors, another reason to visit Medford, Oregon is that it is the place to find tons of shops for the purchase of cannabis.

Cannabis is a naturally growing herb that is made up of hundreds of compounds that are beneficial to make the brain function better. Its flowers are dried out and sold for smoking. Regardless of whether you refer to it as cannabis, weed, herb, bud, grass, ganja, Mary Jane, reefer, or pot, as long as you are 21 years old, it is legal to purchase in Medford, Oregon. Since “pot” is short and sweet, I will refer to cannabis as pot through this piece.

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Of Oregon’s hundreds of cities, Medford is the fourth most populated with over 80,000 residents who have access to, along with visitors and vacationers, more than 23 pot dispensaries. A pot dispensary is a place where any person over 21 years old can purchase pot. Since it is legal in Oregon, even though there are limits to the amounts, you can buy. The shops hire professionals who can assist you with concentrations, vape cartridges, edibles, hemp oil, CBD, and other pot products. A few of Medford Pot Dispensaries:

  • Pharm to Table 
  • Emerald Triangle Dispensary
  • House of Leaves
  • American Cannabis Company
  • Mother Earth Medicines
  • C&C Farms Rec Shop
  • Oregon Farmacy

It is no mystery that recreational pot smokers use pot to feel euphoric, relaxed, and happy. That is because pot causes the arousal of the part of a person’s brain that responds to pleasing inclinations like food and sex. Recreational pot users also cite weight loss, improved creativity, and heightened athletic performance as benefits of using pot and claim that pot makes their sense of touch, smell, taste, color, and light more sensitive. 

Shopping for recreational pot comes down to personal preference in taste and strength but here are a few strains of pot that release a euphoric feeling and can be found in any medford dispensary:

  • Green Crack is a sweet and spicy flavor that is said to encourage happiness and you feel good in minutes. Helps people focus and feel invigorated.
  • Super Sour Diesel has an overpowering smell and will help you maintain energy. 
  • Purple Kush is best used before bed because it causes an exciting effect. It has a flowery and grape flavor and helps people who suffer from insomnia get to sleep. 
  • OG Kush is a hybrid pot that is popular among many. It is said to leave a person feeling in bliss.
  • Blue Dream pot is beneficial to the pot lover who wants to be creative and euphoric. It smells like blueberry and is best used early in the day. 

Those looking to purchase medicinal pot can go to the same shops as recreational users. Pot is used medically to treat headaches, cancer, treatment for cancer, muscle spasms, seizures, anxiety, depression, and other health issues. It can be used in almost any form including being smoked, vaporized, eaten, or liquid. The difference between medical pot users with a legal prescription is that they can get four ounces from dispensaries versus one ounce for a non-medical user. Some popular medicinal strains of pot which are also available in Medford dispensaries are:

– White Berry has a sweet, blueberry flavor and is great for stress, depression, and helps relieve restless leg syndrome.

– A-Train has an earthy aroma and helps relieve pressure from glaucoma as well as those who suffer from stress or depression.

– Dr. Grinspoon is named after a cannabis advocate. It tastes and smells woody and helps those dealing with chronic pain and hypertension. 

– Blue Dreams has a blueberry flavor and is beneficial to those who suffer from stress, depression, and nausea.

– G-13 Haze is a hybrid strain that has an earthy, sage taste. It is beneficial for anxiety, epilepsy, migraines, and anorexia.

Whether you are in Medford as a resident or a visitor limited by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many dispensaries medford oregon full of pot for enjoyment along with the great outdoors.