Junior–Senior High

In keeping with the mission of St. Mary’s Schools, we strive to provide a superior educational experience for our students while encouraging and enabling each student to reach his/her individual potential. Our faculty consists of a dedicated group of professionals who understand the unique ways in which each student learns best. They teach an academically rigorous curriculum while simultaneously going beyond the classroom walls to provide “real life” experiences. Our students are encouraged to think critically, creatively, and independently as they become life-long learners.

For an immersive learning experience, all students in grades 9–12 are provided with individual Chromebooks. In addition, every classroom is equipped with a Smartboard, increasing visual learning and the integration of technology in the classroom. 


Our curriculum is designed to allow students to reach their full academic potential. The curriculum outlined below is an example of the types of classes students will take each year from seventh grade through their senior year. 

Religion: Introduction to Old Testament
English: Literature I (Adventures in Literature) and English Grammar
Mathematics: Pre-Algebra I, Pre-Algebra II
Sciences: Environmental Science/Lab
Social Studies: Civics & Geography
Introduction to Spanish
Physical Education

Religion: Introduction to New Testament
English: Literature II (Identity in Literature and English Grammar
Mathematics: Pre-Algebra II, Honors Algebra I
Sciences: Life Science/Lab
Social Studies: World History I
Introduction to Spanish
Physical Education

Religion: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture and Who is Jesus Christ
English: Literature III (Genres in Literature) and Writing and Research
Mathematics: Algebra I, Honors Geometry
Sciences: Physical Science/Lab
Social Studies: World History II
Foreign Language: Spanish I
Physical Education

Religion: The Mission of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ Continues his Mission in the Church
English: Literature IV (American Literature) and SAT Prep
Mathematics: Geometry, Honors Algebra II
Sciences: Biology/Lab
Social Studies: U.S. History I
Foreign Language: Spanish II
Physical Education

Religion: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ and Life in Christ Jesus
English: Literature V (British Literature)
Mathematics: Algebra II, Honoros Pre-Calculus
Sciences: Chemistry/Lab
Social Studies: U.S. History II, AP U.S. History, AP European History
Foreign Language: Spanish III
Electives: Anatomy & Physiology, Meteorology, Psychology, Theater Arts, Web Design, Introduction to Computers, Computer Science

Religion: History of the Church
English: AP English or Senior Seminar
Mathematics: Advanced Math, AP Calculus
Sciences: Physics/Lab or AP Chemistry
Social Studies: AP U.S. History, AP European History
Foreign language: Spanish IV
Electives: Anatomy & Physiology, Meteorology, Psychology, Theater Arts, Web Design, Introduction to Computers, Computer Science

Virtual High School

St. Mary’s partners with Virtual High School (VHS) to offer elective courses for 11th and 12th grade students in good academic/behavior standing. VHS offers St. Mary’s students the opportunity to explore courses of great interest to them, which is particularly important as our juniors and seniors prepare for college and career decisions. The ideal students for VHS are self-motivated, take initiative, and can work independently toward personal goals. 

Students taking VHS courses will be supervised by an on-site VHS certified St. Mary’s teacher. Work time will be offered during a normally scheduled elective block, with homework that will range from approximately 8 to 10 hours per week. Courses are offered for both 15 weeks (1/2 year) or 35 weeks (full year). Most language courses, such as Spanish 1, are 35-week courses.

Examples of courses that St. Mary’s students will be participating in this year are

  • Criminology
  • Kindergarten Apprentice
  • Music Listening and Critique
  • Various levels of Spanish

Guidance services

The guidance department at Saint Mary’s School is committed to helping students reach their full scholastic and personal potential. To this end, the counselor provides academic support, college/career counseling, and social/emotional guidance. The services offered by Guidance are many and diverse, but our foremost concern is to be available to students. Please visit guidance services for more information.

College Bound!

St. Mary’s has a 97% college acceptance rate for its graduating seniors. Assumption College, Purdue University, Worcester State University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst are some of the colleges that our 2019 graduates will be attending in the fall.