Student life at Saint Mary’s is a unique, demanding and rewarding experience.  All students are strongly encouraged to include academic, athletic, social and community service activities in their student experience.  These activities provide opportunities to deepen their faith, as well as develop their individual talents and interests, leadership potential and social skills.  In short they provide students with venues to develop the whole person, to form enduring friendships and to have fun.


Although academic accomplishment is the primary responsibility of all students, they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. They may select from activities according to their interests and talents.  Some activities are serious while others have a lighter nature.  Some are quite time consuming while others require less of a time commitment.  However, each activity offers the student opportunities to pursue individual interests, and develop relationships with fellow students.

During these activities qualities such as cooperation, leadership, communication and project management are learned and demonstrated.  But most important of all, the students learn how to balance the work of their school day with healthy relaxation and recreational activities.

Students create their own clubs based on their interests!




Activities Include but are not limited to:

Performing Arts
Student Council
St. Mary’s Honor Society
Art Club
Chess club
Faith in Action
Spanish Club
March for Life
School Band