At St. Mary’s, we strive to achieve:

  • That each child grows to his/her potential.
  • To teach our children to know God.
  • To help build a strong religious and moral foundation.
  • That the children love and respect neighbor and self.
  • To instill a love and excitement for learning through the development of an intelligent and curious mind.

About Pre-Kindergarten
Students are exposed to letters, numbers, colors and shapes. They are taught to treat each other with kindness and respect. No matter what they are working on, pre-k students are encouraged to try and do their best. They are given the basic tools for an easy transition to kindergarten.

About Kindergarten
Dedicated parental involvement is crucial to a child’s success in kindergarten. A child is blessed to have a parent as their first teacher. Upon Entering St. Mary’s Kindergarten in September, It is highly recommended that your child knows the following:

  • First & last name
  • Alphabet (be able to recognize in random order & not just the ABC alphabet song)
  • Numerals and their value 1-10

About First Grade
The students in first grade continue to build upon the skills they have learned in kindergarten. Throughout the year they strengthen their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, hand writing, math and their values as children of God. This is a very exciting year in which children grow and develop both academically and socially as they prepare for 2nd grade.

About Second Grade
When children enter second grade, they continue to master first grade concepts. These include phonics skills, addition and subtraction facts as well as reading and writing independently. Grammar, spelling and language arts skills are also reinforced. Children in 2nd grade learn to add and subtract with and without regrouping and continue to master skills in identifying and counting money (bills and coins) and telling time. Lastly in January children start to learn cursive writing as well begin preparation to receive First Holy Communion.

About Third Grade
We cover a wide range of curriculum to prepare for fourth grade and beyond. I teach Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Handwriting and Religion. I also run the tap dance club, which is a new and fun extra curricular activity for St. Mary’s.

About Fourth Grade
Description Pending.

About Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade
Description Pending.