At a Glance

Our history

St. Mary’s School first opened its doors in 1915, as the parish school for Our Lady of Czestochowa church. The church itself opened in 1906 to serve the growing community of Polish immigrants who made the area just south of Kelley Square their home. The school was expanded in 1926 to include a gymnasium and auditorium.

The high school was built in 1936 in order to encourage higher education and greater opportunities for the the Polish community.  In 1940, St. Mary’s saw its first class of graduating seniors, a group of 18 students.

For many years, students were taught exclusively by either priests or nuns. Beginning in the 1950s, lay teachers joined the faculty. Today, the nuns from the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth are gone, and all teachers are lay faculty.

Small class sizes encouraged a tight-knit community atmosphere at St. Mary’s, reinforced by the fact that students lived nearby and would interact with each other for hours after school ended.

Our school today

We marked 100 years of Catholic education in 2015. In this spirit of longevity, we continue to serve the youth of Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish, as well as students from the Greater Worcester area. The close-knit atmosphere that began over 100 years ago lives on in our school, and we welcome new students to become part our of St. Mary’s family. Our 12:1 student–teacher ratio ensures that each student receives individualized attention, creating an atmosphere of where each child and learn and grow to their utmost potential.