Shadow for a Day

We feel it is important for prospective students to visit the St. Mary’s Campus In order to experience “first hand”, a typical school day.

In order to make the visit a worthwhile experience, we attempt to “pair” the visiting student with a current St. Mary’s student with similar interests/aspirations, etc….whether it be an interest in Math, English, or athletics, providing our guest a worthwhile experience is our primary objective.

Students are to arrive by 7:30 a.m., departing at 2:00. Students are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, for “drop off/pick up”.

Contact the school’s “Main Office” at 508-753-1170 to schedule a visit.  Be prepared to provide a brief “overview” of your childs interests when scheduling your visit!

Students are welcome to visit St. Mary’s beginning the 2nd  week of September