“St. Mary’s has a true faith-based curriculum. My granddaughter’s faith has been nurtured by her teachers and has grown since she started at St. Mary’s in 7th grade. Her education and preparation for college is without compare.”
-Diana Kelly – teacher and parent

“As a parent, what I found to be most impressive is the level of dedication and commitment demonstrated by the teachers. They go above and beyond. I can truly say I have never seen anything like it. Most importantly, my husband and I felt it essential for our children to experience and learn more about religion on a daily basis rather than one day a week. St. Mary’s is a treasure. There is something truly special about this school.”
-Lee Daher – parent

“We have decided to send our girls to St. Mary’s for the 1:1 attention the students receive. We love the small classes and the enthusiasm from the teachers. Our girls feel like they are a part of a “family” at school!!! They have both blossomed in the small environment St. Mary’s offers.”
-Kristy Lewandowski – parent

“St. Mary’s has been a wonderful place to work. As teachers we not only teach the students the curriculum but we form them for life. My son is a changed person since entering St. Mary’s in seventh grade. Due to caring and diligent teachers, great peers and a positive atmosphere, he has become a model student and athlete with religious morals.”
-Adam Cormier – teacher and parent

“My time at St. Mary’s was the most memorable experience of my life, where I was prepared to succeed not only for college, but in life as well. I credit any current successes to my experiences at St. Mary’s School.”
-David Jasukonis – Class of 2010

St. Mary’s has an “all for one, one for all” attitude. Whether it was in the classroom, on the field, on the stage of the theater, or with service opportunities, I found my place in all of those places. I was, and still am, a member of a team, a family member, and one of the 150 Musketeers. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!”
-Alexa “Zoey” Zukowski – Class of 2011