Student Experience

labSt. Mary’s School is sponsored by Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish in the Diocese of Worcester, MA. As a Catholic community of learners, St. Mary’s is dedicated to the formation of the whole person in Christ by fostering the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional maturation of its members. An excellent teacher-to-student ratio helps create a supportive environment in which the faculty is aware of each individual’s progress and needs.

St. Mary’s provides each student with a superior education which encourages students to reach her/his individual potential and succeed in a global environment.


  • Students are nurtured in a Catholic community which encourages spiritual growth, respect for diversity, and service to others.
  • Students grow in a secure environment of trust which promotes the development of self-discipline, integrity, and honorable behavior.
  • Students attend have the opportunity to go to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation monthly and attend First Friday Mass.
  • Student have the opportunity to attend other religious ceremonies throughout the year inclunding the March for Life in Washington, DC.


  • Students learn from dedicated, qualified faculty in small classes which allow teachers to know the students individually.
  • Students thrive in a superior academic program which enables students to achieve personal success and meet global challenges through an interconnected curriculum.
  • Students learn communication and decision-making skills, creative and independent thinking, and critical judgment.


  • Students participate in performing arts and in athletic and co-curricular programs which nurture the essential qualities of leadership, cooperation, and self-confidence.
  • Students develop into leaders by having the opportunity to hold every office and serve as mentors and role models.

Why St. Mary’s?

Quotes from past students:

“St. Mary’s is a family of 180.”

-Brittney Burrell ’07

“St. Mary’s offers individual attention that can help you reach your potential.”

-Mike Massiello ‘07

“St. Mary’s combines a close-knit school community with an interesting educational journey and unique athletic and extracurricular experiences.”

-Christa Lewandowski ‘08

“The academic and spiritual lessons I learned throughout my education at St. Mary’s have provided me with a solid foundation for my future endeavors.”

-Mary Donoghue ’08

“My time as St. Mary’s was the most memorable experience of my life, where I was prepared to succeed not only in college, but in life as well. I credit any current success to my experiences at St. Mary’s”

-David Jasukonis ’10

“St. Mary’s has an “all for one, one for all’ attitude. Whether it was in the classroom, on the field, on the stage of the theatre, or with service opportunities, I found my place and you’re sure to find your place in one or all of those places. I was, and still am, a member of a team, a family member, and one of the 150 Musketeers. Once and eagle, always an eagle.”

-Alexa “Zoey” Zukowski ’11