St. Mary’s Kitchen

Our lunch service will begin on Tuesday, September 4th.

Papa Gino’s Lunch forms must be submitted with payment every
Friday for the following week. Lunches cannot be ordered on a daily basis. Checks should be made to Papa Gino’s. We are not able to make change here in the school office.

Papa Ginos Lunch Order Form

The kitchen will continue to sell:
Juice – .50
Snacks – .50
Nachos, chips, desserts and soda – 1.00
(Snacks will also be available at snack time for elementary school
students for .50)
These will be cash sales.

Elementary students should send in money in an envelope clearly
labeled Juice, Snack, Chips, dessert with the correct money on the
envelope with the student’s name. This can be done daily or weekly.

Papa Ginos Lunch Order Form