Before & After School Programs

Policies and Opportunities

St. Mary’s School will offer a Before School Program and an After-School Program for Grades PreK-8.

The Before School Program will open at 6:30AM.  A light breakfast will be served at that time.  Any students in grades Prek-8 dropped off prior to 7:15 must attend the Before School Program and will be charged the flat-rate of $5.00 per day. Any students arriving after 7:15 will not be charged for the program.  The after school program is open to any students in grades PreK-8.

The after-school will open at 2:15 and close at 5:45PMA snack will be provided for students.  The flat-rate for the After-School Program is $10.00 per day.  This program will also be available for students during school vacations, half days and selected no school days for $25.00 a day (all to be paid in advance).  We must have a minimum amount of ten students on these extra days in order for the program to open.

Please see registration form for more information.  Regularly scheduled students will be billed in advance.

This policy and fees are subject to change.  

Before & After School Programs

Regularly Scheduled Students

If you have signed up your child(ren) regularly for specific days, we then expect your child(ren) to be in the After-School Program. Therefore, if your child will not be attending the program, we need a note or a phone call to the school to let us know. This is a safety issue. Billing and staffing are also based on attendance.

As Needed Students (Click here for the As Needed Form)

Those students who have signed up for As Needed for the Before School Program, simply need to check in on arrival. However, for the After-School Program, a call must be placed to the school or you may click on the link below to let us know that your child(ren) is attending the program. We cannot allow students to just show up to the program as this is a safety issue.